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Semantic solutions for modern communications.

Whether looking for concise and rapidly absorbed simplicity, or luxurious and dynamic linguistic ornamentation, Word Garden can construct or renovate your copy with clarity and eloquent coherence.

Word Garden offers an array of semiotic services such as writing and editing copy, sloganeering, branding and logo design, as well as screenplay and manuscript consultations in fields such as neuroscience, biology, technology, socio-economic futurism, occult mystical traditions, altered states of consciousness and more.

Evan, your linguistic liaison, semantic strategist and copy artist, delights in helping people carefully express their concepts and nuanced sentiments.

Metaphor mechanic, syntactical acrobat, conjurer of complex connotations, Evan is also an aspiring design maven with honed aesthetics and modest graphics and web-design skills. More encompassing content, design and consultative services are offered through Word Garden’s parent organization, Enodia, which also serves as a demonstration of Word Garden copywriting.

In his work, Evan aims for balance and genuine synergy: bridging ideological islands and depolarizing paradoxes in order to assist radical adaptation and facilitate optimal human experience through artful communication.

Let’s discuss how I can help your project.


Content development.

Screenplay and manuscript consultations.

Everytime a stereotypical misconception arises within an otherwise transporting story, the topical experts in the audience experience the unsettling ache of a hole inside grow ever-so-slightly larger. Too many stupendous works of cinema and art drop the ball when it comes to references of niche material such as science, technology, counter cultures, conspiracies, esoteric practices, or socio-economic philosophies. And far too often this occurs in genres that attract those very experts, such as sci fi does to techies and science geeks, or historical dramas to history buffs. The more specialized a piece of content or context, the more interested and attentive those authorities will be.

Let’s make your story and it’s backdrops bulletproof.

Introducing greater authenticity and knowledge into your script or narrative helps to both anchor and propel it. And the best part about weaving accuracy and informed perspective into the structure and content of a creative work, is that truth is not only stranger, but also more terrifying, beautiful, and amazing than fiction ever could be.

I offer connoisseurship and expertise in science, biology, technology, futurism, consciousness studies, neurobiology, ethnopharmacology, shamanism, counter-cultures and the sociology of freedom:

  • Science consultation and communication.
    • Forecasting. Informed technological and cultural futurism.
    • Well-versed and trained in contemporary research topics, with particular fluency in:
      • Neuroscience (BA Neurobiology, UC Berkeley)
      • Biotechnology/genetics.
      • Open, networked science. Citizen science. DIYbio.
      • Ecology, botany, ethnobotany, phytochemistry.
      • Conventional and holistic health sciences.
      • Comprehensive and cutting-edge nutrition and dietary research.
  • Rhetoric of tech-culture, counter-culture, freedom culture and permaculture .
    • Open source philosophy, networked and sharing economies, cryptocurrencies, hacker ethics, distributed and additive manufactuing.
    • Sociological futurism, ethical techno-economics, agorism, natural law philosophical traditions, crypto-anarchy, the homestead principle, Stephensonian phyles, smart contract and public ledger potentials.
    • Permaculture, resource independence, appropriate technology ecovillages, biomimetic, biomorphic and neuromorphic design.
  • Classical and neo-mystical philosophies.
    • Sacred geometry.
    • Calendrics and astrotheology.
    • Comprehensive interpretations of occult esoteria and spiritualia.
    • Western and Eastern mystical traditions, practices and orders.
    • Prehistoric and underground roots of institutionalized religions.
    • Ancient mysteries and antediluvian civilizations.
    • Transpersonal and archetypal psychology.
    • New Age jargon.
    • Fringe science, new energy and propulsion, psi, exopolitics.
  • Psychedelics, psychointegrators, ecodelics, entheogens, shamanic trance.
    • Scholar of contemporary psychedelic neuroscience.
    • In-depth familiarity with current clinical research and practice.
      • MAPS employee, 2007-2010.
    • Transformative culture, art & music.
      • Obsessed with electronic music since 1991 and deeply familial with associated global technomadic cultures and arts.
    • Encyclopedic knowledge of 20th century psychedelic history, lore, literature and controversy.
    • Psychedelics in cinema, television and pop culture.
    • Ethnopharmacognosy and cross-continental shamanism.
      • North & South American, Himalayan, Siberian, East Asian, African.
      • Shamanic philosophy, rituals, symbolism and cartography.
      • Shamanic music and dance.
        •  Ikaro, mantra, drumming, trance instruments, electronic journey-music, sound healing.
      • Shamanic plants and potions.
      • Shamanic weapons and warfare.
      • Dark shamanism, sorcery and brujeria.
Invoking the dancing logos
and imbuing animated intimations into purposeful articulations.